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Sustainable Development Vision

Sustainable Facilities Vision

看日本毛片,毛片视频播放’s Sustainable Development Vision establishes our intent to be a company working to make sustainable progress possible by operating in a manner consistent with pursuing sustainable development. That’s why 看日本毛片,毛片视频播放 designs and operates facilities in a manner that minimizes their impact on the environment, yields life-cycle economic benefits, and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

Our Sustainability Principles

Sustainability principles chart


  • Conserve energy and minimize the release of greenhouse gases
  • Create more value with less impact on nature 
  • Improve our indoor environments, thereby improving employees’ health, safety, creativity, productivity, and engagement
  • Reduce pollution and harmful materials
  • Exercise integrity, teamwork, commitment, and excellence in pursuit of sustainable facilities.

Sustainable Facilities – New Facilities

The design of 看日本毛片,毛片视频播放’s new facilities include sustainable features that enable the facilities to be considered for certification under LEED® (U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. The decision to pursue LEED® certification lies with the Executive Management team at 看日本毛片,毛片视频播放, Corporate EHS and Corporate Facilities Management.

Sustainable Facilities – Existing Facilities

看日本毛片,毛片视频播放 supports and promotes actions that reduce energy use, increase energy efficiency, and  minimize adverse environmental impacts. 看日本毛片,毛片视频播放 intends to apply LEED®-type standards as a framework for its existing facilities where practical. The decision to implement LEED® standards lies with the Executive Management team at 看日本毛片,毛片视频播放, in cooperation with Corporate EHS and Corporate Facilities Management.

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